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  New Outlet Released in Record Time for live Operations...

One More Milestone has been Achieved by CIPL TEAM, within 24 hrs of working large installation for Harish Bakers & Confectioners Pvt. Ltd has been release on 6th September, 2014 for live operation….!!!

We are glad to inform you that, CIPL Team has achieved one more milestone by releasing one large outlet for live operation after 24 hrs. of working only. This new outlet has been release for live operation at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) on 6th September, 2014, and till date working fine nonstop for 12  hrs. a day. This new outlet is belongs to Harish Bakers & Confectioners Pvt. Ltd.

This new outlet is unique in operations, Combination of Retail using barcode, Restaurant & Sweets Shop Operations, spread over in two separate Flores. Each Flore is spread over in more than 3500 Square Yards. This outlet is having total 7 counters, 2 dedicated for retail operation with 6 weighing scale interface, 3 for restaurant operation, one for Order Take used by the waters, 1 for Home delivery and One for Billing. One system is dedicated for Chat counter for outside sale. This is completely controlled & supported by CIPLVISION 2020 Application.



New Outlet Released in Record Time for live Operations...
Fortis Hospital Project has been Signed

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