Technologies Developed
SMS Crypt SMS_Crypt.pdf
LBS (Location Based Services) LBS.pdf
Micropary (Voice Authentication) EasyBuy_VAS.pdf
Micropay (PIN Authentication) EasyBuy_PIN.pdf
Micropay (NFC) EasyBuy_NFC.pdf
Hybrid controller for renewable energy power plant in stand-alone sites Innovation-01.pdf
4G modem development Innovation-16.pdf
Energy Saving in OFDMA cellular systems Innovation-15.pdf
A Method for Ensuring High VoIP Capacity in LTE Innovation-14.pdf
An energy-efficient cell layout designer. Innovation-13.pdf
An Analytical tool for energy assessment in protocol and signalling for 3GPP-LTE Innovation-12.pdf
Method and tool for Measurement, modeling and forecasting of wireless Internet traffic Innovation-10.pdf
Automatic Speaker Recognition on VoIP communication Innovation-03.pdf
Smart Association Control for WiFi Network (WP1) Innovation-06.pdf
Energy efficient rate control mechanism for multimedia delivery over the wireless Internet (WP2A). Innovation-07.pdf
Collaborative Download (WP 2B) Innovation-08.pdf
Energy and QoS Aware FUZZY-TOP Vertical Handover Mechanism for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (WP3) Innovation-09.pdf
A Tool for Estimating the Power Consumption in LTE Baseband Innovation-11.pdf
A method to use ISM band in 3GPP LTE downlink to improve the cell edge users’throughput Innovation-02.pdf
Multiple node pair capacity related reliability (MNPCRR) evaluation of Communication Networks. Innovation-04.pdf
A Novel Hybrid Co-ordination method for interference management in femtocell based broadband OFDMA cellular system Innovation-05.pdf

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