The Steering Committee is being formed to administer and steer the Project Management Framework. It will be headed by a visionary person of National Eminence having led successful R&D/Scientific institutions with impeccable proficiency and commitment to the cause. The Committee Members are to be selected by the Chairman Steering committee with member representation from Government, Academia, Telecom Industry, Angel/VC Investors and respective Problem Proposer. The Steering Committee would be reconstituted every 2 years.

The Responsibilities of Steering Committee include:

a)      To evaluate proposals and identify TCOE for assigning research project

b)      To approve fund requirements, research outcomes with deliverables and timelines

c)      To indicate intermediate milestones with timelines for purposes of review

d)      To constitute review Committee for each project and schedule Project review Meetings as often as required

e)      To take a decision on continuance of project in case project fails to meet intermediate milestones

f)       To expand and co-opt any other person in the committee as and when required

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