S.No Name of the Organization Nodal Person's Email Website Name
1 Aheesa Digital Innovations Private Limited sridharan.mani@aheesa.com https://aheesa.com
2 AROVR INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED kanha.hitesh@gmail.com www.ar-o-vr.in
3 Chipspirit Technologies Private Limited marketing@chipspirit.com https://chipspirit.com/
CIentra TechSolution Pvt Ltd 
5 Coral Telecom Limited rajeshtuli@coraltele.com https://www.coraltele.com
6 Easiofy Solutions Pvt. Ltd noor.fatma@easiofy.com https://easiofy.com
7 Echelon Edge Private Limited anshul.trivedi@echelonedge.com https://echelonedge.com
8 EIGEN Technologies Private Limited pranav@eigen.in https://eigen.in
9 ELENA GEO SYSTEMS PVT LTD velan@elenageosystems.com https://elenageosystems.com/
Finaara Technologies Pvt LTD 
11 Indio Networks Private Limited rishi@indionetworks.com www.indionetworks.com
12 Innominds Software Private Limited pchandrasekaran@innominds.com www.innominds.com
13 KAIZEN SECURE VOIZ PRIVATE LIMITED finance@kaizenvoiz.com www.kaizenvoiz.com
14 Kratikal Tech Private Limited pavan@kratikal.com https://kratikal.com/
15 Matrix Shell Technologies Private Limited akibsayyed@matrixshell.com https://matrixshell.com
16 Netrasemi Private Limited jyothis@netrasemi.com https://netrasemi.com
17 Nimble VIsion Pvt. Ltd. ceo@nimblevision.io https://nimblevision.io
18 OPTIMUSLOGIC SYSTEMS INDIA Private Limited ck@optimuselectronics.com https://www.optimuslogic.in/
19 QNu Labs rajesh@qnulabs.com https://www.qnulabs.com
20 R2E Technologies Private Limited connect@r2e.in https://r2e.in
21 SMPS Electric Control Private LImited smpselectric@gmail.com https://smpselectric.in/
22 Superceuticals Private limited rrachnna@superceuticals.in www.superceuticals.in
23 TechXR Innovations Private Limited prashant@techxr.co https://techxr.co/
24 VINCULAR Testing Labs India Pvt. Ltd. dhruv@vincular.in http://vincular.in


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