TCOE India has widely involved various stakeholders to its platform for building the Innovation Ecosystem in the country. TCOE India Platform is placed below which represents a strong Government, Industry and Academia relationship.

National Collaborations

TCOE India have supported around 60 Statups/MSMEs under 2 round of DCIS Scheme and activiely support and connect them with Government Agencies and other stakeholder for pilots Trails and Market

DCIS 2021 Applicants (17)

Astrome Technologies Private Limited

CDSpace Robotics Private Limited

Coral Telecom Ltd

COSGrid Networks

Dirghadhi Technology Pvt Ltd

Elena Geo Systems Pvt Ltd

Evelabs Technologies Private Limited

Innogle Technologies Pvt Ltd

Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd

Log9 Materials Scientific Private Limited

Niral Networks Private Limited

Nunam Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Prayogik Technologies

Signalchip Innovations Pvt Ltd

U4U Sociotech Private Limited

Velmenni Research & Development Pvt Ltd

Vyorius Drones Private Limited

DCIS 2022-1 Applicants(43)

Aheesa Digital Innovations Private Limited

Astrome Technologies Private Limited

Astromeda Space Private Limited

BigCat Wireless Pvt Ltd

BKC Aggregators Private Ltd and IIT Roorkee

Calligo Technologies Pvt Ltd


Chipspirit Technologies Private Limited

Cientra TechSolution Pvt Ltd

Cimware Private Limited

Coral Telecom Ltd

COSGrid Systems Private Limited

Digicred Technologies Pvt Ltd

DSPWorks Automation and Wireless Network solutions Pvt Ltd

Dweepi Innovations Private Limited


Echelon Edge Private Limited

Elena Geo Systems

Gigayasa wireless private limited



Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd

Matrix Shell Technologies pvt ltd

Nabstract Technologies Private Limited

Nimble Vision Pvt Ltd

Niral Networks

NMSWorks Software Pvt Ltd

OptimusLogic Systems India Private Limited

R2E Technologies Private Limited

Resonous Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Hetrogenous Communication Technologies Pvt Ltd (SASTRA University)

Signalchip Innovations Private Limited

Signaltron Systems Pvt limited

Silizium Circuits Private Limited

Sooktha Consulting Pvt Ltd

Spvss Pvt Ltd

Terminus Circuits Private Limited

Udafboksen Technologies Pvt Ltd(Techie Amigos)

Ushva Clean Technology Pvt Ltd

Velmenni R&D Pvt Ltd

Versatile Antenna Systems

Wisig Networks Private Limited and IIT Hyderabad

Xten Networks India Pvt. Ltd.

Towards creating a sustainable R&D environment in the country, TCOEs have joined hands with domestic stakeholders who actively participate and contribute to the activities of TCOEs. Some key stakeholders who are presently associated with TCOEs are listed below:

  1. Datawind (
  2. Tejas Networks Ltd. (
  3. Centre of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWiT) (
  4. Sunworks Consultants Pvt. Ltd (
  5. Integra Software Services (
  6. Exicom Tele-systems Ltd (
  7. VMC Systems Ltd. (
  8. Alphion India Pvt. Ltd. (

   TCOE India is also an active contributor at Telecom Standards Development Society, India (TSDS) (

International Collaborations and Initiatives

  1. TCOE India since its establishment has created a lot of interest for foreign entities to understand this PPP Initiative of Government of India and thereby, have expressed their  interest to participate in this innovative telecom model. Some of the key stakeholders who have collaborated with TCOEs include IEEE-SA (, Global Certification Forum (GCF) (
  2. Several Foreign Universities and Research Centres are collaborating for Joint Research. 
  3. TCOE India is also one of the Evaluators for IMT-A Programme of ITU for 4G/5G Technologies.
  4. TCOE India is also an active Member of ITU.

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