Who We Are

Telecom Centres of Excellence India (TCOE India), set up in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, are an example of the Government, the Academia and the Industry working together for the sustained growth and progress of the country in the Telecom sector. 

The purpose(s) of the Society is: 

a) Realizing the objectives of the National Digital Communications Policy of the Government of India; 
b) Creating an environment of innovation in Telecom through Scientific Research and Development; 
c) Creating Synergies among the academia, industry and research institutes for capacity building and development of a balanced telecom ecosystem;
d) Think tank activities for policy regulation and governance advocacy in the field of telecom for the benefit of the common people; 
e) Steering the Start-ups to become globally competitive by participating in Standards Development at Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (“TSDSI”) in order to influence Global Standards; and 
f) Promoting new and emerging technology changes based on the priorities of the Government. 
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Benefits to Researchers
  • IPRs to Global Standards
  • Platform for transforming IDEAS into Market Ready Products
  • Support for becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Wider Research Portfolio in ICT
  • Provisions of Joint Research
  • Exposure to Industry Issues; More Job Ready
Benefits to Industry
  • Excellent Low Cost R&D Platform with Superior Intellectual Mass
  • SPOC for Industry Issues
  • Common Platforms for Academia, Industry & Govt.
  • Industry CSR platform for Incubation
  • Potential Value Addition for ’Make In India’
  • Industry Ready Talent Pool



Title Description

[3rd July, 2023] Launch of Bharat 6G Alliance

Launch of Bharat 6G Alliance and felicitation of technology innovators by Hon'ble Ministers Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw & Shri Devusinh Chauhan on 3rd July 2023

[5th July, 2023] 5G Hackathon: Virtual Session

Virtual Session on 5G Hackathon & Beyond on 05th July 2023 at 10:00 AM and  14th July 2023 at 12:PM onwards

[5th Jan 2023] 5G Services Inauguration

Ingauration of 5G Services in Odisha on 5th Jan 2023

National Technology Week Event (11th to 14th May 2023) National Technology Week Event (11th to 14th May 2023)
World Telecom Day-17th May 2023 World Telecom Day(17th May 2023)



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