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Our product training is hands-on, extensive and customizable so you can get up and running right away. From general tips and tricks and continuing education to on-site individual consulting and weekly interactive web base training programme based on request we organise.

we make sure that you understand exactly how to make CIPL Product & Services work for you.

Our standard training, available to every client, includes a detailed web-based session tailored to the way your organization will be using CIPL's products & services. By conducting initial training via conference call and desktop sharing, you can learn the system on your own computers, at your own location. CIPL's Training Team gives each client a thorough review of the software's features and functions and can answer any questions that arise.

Some of CIPL's more comprehensive training and educational opportunities include:

  • Product  Training at Institute
  • Live Web-based Education
  • On-site Training
  • Group Instruction

all your training request and help, contact us on : 

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